Fine Art Prints · 12-03-2019
Limited Fine Art Prints, Esther Barend

Q&A · 13-11-2018
On a regular basis I receive mails from students all over the world, with questions on my work. Replying them cost me a lot of time. Since I do not want to disappoint anyone, I always do reply. But from now on, one can check this blogpost, which I will complement with new Q&A's every now and then.

FIGURATIVE · 22-05-2018
‘Flaring Desire’ and 3 other brand new portraits recently have arrived in the USA. So if you are in the neigborhood of these galleries, go check them out!

EXHIBITION · 17-04-2018
I still have a sore throat from all the talking 😅 There were so many people at the opening of my solo Sunday at Kunsthuys in Best the Netherlands. Thank you all for coming, the great reactions and your kindness! Several paintings already met their new owners. More images will follow later!

EXHIBITION · 10-04-2018
Exhibition on Sunday 15 April from 13.00 - 17.00 hours at Kunsthuys in Best, The Netherlands. The exhibition shows new portraits and large abstracts. In the meantime I have been working very successfully since more than 12 years with Kunsthuys (before Galerie De Kei in Nuenen). The gallery is very big, and shows my work permanently. So if you might not be able to visit the exhibition, you can always visit the gallery another time. Sonseweg 39 5681BH - BEST - NEDERLAND.

PUBLICITY · 09-04-2018
Sorry everyone, time’s up! I don’t want Facebook to collect and sell data about me, and I don’t agree with their infiltration- and espionage practices. At the time these were only suspicions, but in the past weeks their has been enough proof. Time’s up! I am leaving and closing my pages by the end of this week. If you like to keep following me: this is possible through this -website and blog of course and/or -subscribe to my newsletter (check The contactpage on this website), -my...

GALLERIES · 17-03-2018
From now on my art can be found at F.A.N. Galleries with locations in New Orleans (Louisiana) and Carmel-by-the-Sea (California) in the USA. You can find more information about these galleries -here-.

EXHIBITION · 15-02-2018
Currently I am working on new paintings for my solo exhibition at Kunsthuys in Best - The Netherlands. I will be attending the opening of the show on April 15. Save the Date!

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