PUBLICITY · 24-06-2020
This package is now on its way to SUPERCAR BLONDIE in Dubai. I’ve been working for several weeks on a special painting for her, partly my style, fused with a more realistic style. If you are as curious for the painting as she is (she hasn’t seen a picture yet), keep on following my and her posts!! In the meantime all galleries I work with have opened their doors again, and new paintings are on their way to the gallery in New Orleans. I did not expect it, in these...

PUBLICITY · 28-01-2020
Today I had an inspiring coffee date with Ghita from Be Bold Interiors, with locations in Amsterdam and The Costa Blanca, Spain.

PUBLICITY · 09-04-2018
Sorry everyone, time’s up! I don’t want Facebook to collect and sell data about me, and I don’t agree with their infiltration- and espionage practices. At the time these were only suspicions, but in the past weeks their has been enough proof. Time’s up! I am leaving and closing my pages by the end of this week. If you like to keep following me: this is possible through this -website and blog of course and/or -subscribe to my newsletter (check The contactpage on this website), -my...

PUBLICITY · 26-04-2015
Finally my new catalogue is out! 76 pages filled with my latest paintings from the abstract and figurative series, as well as close-ups and some images of me at work. I am very proud of the result. It is available through the galleries I work with (see CONTACT on this website) or directly through me and can be purchased for € 39,95 + shipment costs.

PUBLICITY · 06-04-2015
Only available in the Netherlands.

PUBLICITY · 01-01-2015
A very healthy, good, successful and filled-with-lots-of-laughter 2015!!!! I am very pleased to announce that both auctions for a good cause were successful! The Art-print which was auctioned for 3FM Serious Request raised €775,00, which really is much more than I could have imagined! The portret on commission for Linda.Foundation made €1700. Not as much as the usual price, but nevertheless a lot of money. I am really happy to have been able to help other people this way. Thanks to the...

PUBLICITY · 19-12-2014
2014 has been a great year to me. That's why I want to give something back to the world. I offered an Art Print for auction to 3FM. They raise money for girls and women who have been sexually abused all over the world. You can still bid on it for 2 more days!

PUBLICITY · 05-12-2014
In less than 2 weeks, 100 pieces numbered and signed by Anouk and me, completely sold out. I received a lot of lovely reactions! THANKS a lot to everyone!!

PUBLICITY · 21-11-2014
An example of the (not signed here) Fine Art Print 70x100 cm Collectors Item - Exclusive Fine Art Print - 100 pieces only!!! I am proud to announce the launch of a numbered and signed Fine Art Print in unique collaboration with the famous dutch singer songwriter Anouk. Signed by both artists in an exclusive series of only 100 pieces. Printed with high-quality ink on special paper. (more technical info can be found on the order page) The print is an image of the entire painting which is used for...

PUBLICITY · 16-09-2014
My art on a concert poster! Not in my wildest day dreams did this idea ever occur. But now it is for real! +... → On the cover of Anouk's new (9th) album 'Paradise And Back Again' → On the cover of Entertainment Business Magazine. → In several news papers. → On hundreds of websites and blogs.... Just WOW......

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