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Abstract Paintings

'It's in the manner of seeing, that moves your understanding'

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Figurative Paintings

'Open-minded reflections of perfect imperfections'

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Portraits and Abstracts on commission. As a gift for your beloved ones, painted from a picture.
Ask for prices, non-committal.

Portretten en Abstracten in opdracht.- Een bijzonder cadeau, geschilderd van een foto.
Vraag vrijblijvend voor een prijs.

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At Work

'Diving into my paint is going into my subconsciousness'

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Current / Recent Exhibitions




• Group Exhibition Atelier Gerri Grijsen | Winterswijk - The Netherlands

• Group Exhibition Galerie 713 | Knokke - Belgium .

• Love Art Fair - Toronto - Canada | represented by MZ Urban Art (New York - USA)

• Solo Exhibition Galerie De Kei | Nuenen - The Netherlands.

• Group exhibition Galleries Creutzberg | Van Dun | Oisterwijk, The Netherlands.

• Affordable Art Fair (AAF) New York City | MZ Urban Art | New York - USA.

• Group Show Chelsea 27, MZ Urban Art | New York - USA.


• Cover for dutch Singer-Songwriter Anouk's 9th album 'Paradise And Back Again', on commission.

• Solo exhibition Metropolitan Gallery238 | Amsterdam - NETHERLANDS.

• Gallery Haamstede - KUNSTSCHOUW | Burgh Haamstede - NETHERLANDS.

• Duo exhibition '2of a kind' @ Pop Up Gallery | Lommel - BELGIUM.

• Duo Exhibition Gallery In de Oude School | Stroe - NETHERLANDS.


• Solo exhibition @ Pop Up Gallery | Lommel - BELGIUM.

• Group show, Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery | New York City - USA

• Solo exhibition, Van Bellen Art | Willemstad - NETHERLANDS

• Solo & Group Exhibition, Galerie Radeski | Liège - BELGIUM


• Solo Exhibition - Galerie De Kei | Nuenen - NETHERLANDS.

• Solo Exhibition - ARTISHOX Art Gallery | Hasselt - BELGIUM

• Solo at Galerie Manjefiek | Maastricht - NETHERLANDS


• Solo exhibition at Van Bellen Art | Willemstad - NETHERLANDS.


• Solo at Galerie Tatiana Tournemine | Paris - FRANCE.

• 'Seize' Group Show at Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery | New York City - USA.

• Solo Exhibition - ARTISHOX Art Gallery | Hasselt - BELGIUM.

• 'Nowhere@150' at Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery | New York City - USA.


• Art fair Lineart | Gent - BELGIUM.


• Solo at Galerie De Kei | Nuenen - NETHERLANDS.

• Group at Galerie Tatiana Tournemine | Paris - FRANCE.

• Art fair ArtQuerfeld | Basel - SWITZERLAND.

• Solo Exhibition - ARTISHOX Art Gallery | Hasselt - BELGIUM.


• Duo at Gallery Jules & Jeremy | Utrecht - NETHERLANDS.

• ART Laren 2009 | Laren - NETHERLANDS.

• Group at Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery | New York City - USA.

• Solo at Gallery ART–ist | Geel - BELGIUM.

• Duo at Suite Gallery | Loenen a/d Vecht - NETHERLANDS.

• Art fair Primavera 2009 | Rotterdam - NETHERLANDS.


• Solo at Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery | New York City - USA.

• Solo at Gallery De Kei | Nuenen - NETHERLANDS.

• Art fair Lineart 2008 | Gent - BELGIUM.

• AAF Amsterdam | Amsterdam - NETHERLANDS.

• Duo at Gallery Delfi Form | Zwolle - NETHERLANDS.

• Duo at Amstel Gallery | Dronten - NETHERLANDS.

• Duo – Gallery Tracé | Maastricht - NETHERLANDS.

• ARTI FAIR with Gallery De Kei | The Hague - NETHERLANDS.

• Art fair PRIMAVERA 2008 | Rotterdam - NETHERLANDS.


• Group at Models in Art | Delft - NETHERLANDS.

• Salon Libr'Art 2007 | Libramont - BELGIUM.

• Duo at Gallery De Kei | Nuenen - NETHERLANDS.

• Duo – Gallery Tracé | Maastricht - NETHERLANDS.


• Duo at Gallery De Oude barrier | Hasselt - BELGIUM.

• Group at Galerie El Greco | Lommel - BELGIUM.


• Group at Gallery Haamstede | Burg-Haamstede - NETHERLANDS.

• Solo at Castle Rhederoord | De Steeg/Arnhem - NETHERLANDS.



Brend & Woods from EtienneLacroix on Vimeo.


COMMISSION FOR CUCHARA (Michelin-star restaurant)

Oct 1, 2015

Earlier this year restaurant Cuchara in Lommel - Belgium (which has been awarded with one Michelin star) asked me to create a large work of art that would fit perfectly in the new concept of their planned development.

Jan Tournier, owner and master chef, was bowled over by the paintings in my Monochrome series and since the important main tone in the new interior would be BLACK, it was obvious that this would be the color of the art work. For the new concept he called in the expertise of Kathleen Simons, interior designer with an excellent taste ( and we had some brainstorm-meetings to be sure that everything would fit together. Usually for assignments I get inspired through the space, the interior and the client. In this particular case there was no space yet and no interior (there would be a completely new construction), and I had to rely on the input of Jan and Kathleen Simons, and take into account the plan of glass artist Jeroen Maes who wanted to create a large hanging glass tree (which in the end turned out to be awesome!) Since my work ("Sensation of Flavours" - 2.50x2.50 meters) had to be build up in many layers, it took me many hours, days during about 7 weeks last Summer, but I am more than happy with the result. And even better... Jan Tournier loves it.

Since October 1, Cuchara serves fabulous food in the new section. Definitely something to experience, to taste, enjoy and afterwards leave very satisfied. Jan's food is beyond delicious and every plate looks like a piece of art. The staff is very kind, the wine fits perfectly and the sommelier is one of a kind. So go there! (


September 24, 2015

Are you visiting Paris this Autumn? Then take a look at ARTCLUB Gallery at 172, Rue de Rivoli, opposite the Louvre!

A selection of new paintings from the 'Perfect Imperfections' series are on view and for sale in this extravagant gallery. In September of this year I started to work with them in permanence. So my work will always be in stock.

More info:


June 24, 2015

I've moved house to Antwerp, so did my studio! From now on my studio is located in WONDERBURO, at Frankrijklei 73 in Antwerp - Belgium.

I've got a large space, much light and it feels good. Next I'll be working on several assignments as well as new paintings for the group show at Atelier Gerri Grijsen (Winterswijk - Netherlands) and new paintings for a wonderful gallery in Paris - France. Because I'm way too busy, only visits on appointment.


June 15 - 2015

From now on a selection of my figurative series 'Perfect Imperfections' is on view and for sale at Galerie 713, Zeedijk 713, Knokke - Belgium. For more info and opening hours, check


April 26 - 2015

Finally my new catalogue is out! 76 pages filled with my latest paintings from the abstract and figurative series, as well as close-ups and some images of me at work. I am very proud of the result.

It is available through the galleries I work with (see CONTACT on this website) or directly through me and can be purchased for € 39,95 + shipment costs.

TORONTO - MZ Urban Art is bringing my art to CANADA!

April 12 - 2015

From April 16 until 19 MZ Urban Art (New York - USA) will present my art in Toronto - Canada on the Love Art Fair.

Over the years I've received a lot of reactions from art-lovers living in Canada, so if you live in the neighborhood, take your chance to visit the fair!

Love Art Fair Toronto

4-page article in EXCELLENT lifestyle magazine

April 6 - 2015

Only available in the Netherlands.


April 5 - 2015

Today the highest bidders of the auction for came to collect the portret I made for them.

They were delighted with the result, so I am satisfied!

LINDA Foundation

NEW YORK CITY - my art at the AAF

March 26 - 2015

MZ Urban Art (a division of Monkdogz) the gallery that represents my art in New York City, has taken by art to the Affordable Art Fair which takes place from March 25-29.

On the opening night yesterday, already 3 works were sold, so that's just great! On the image here, taken by the New York organization 'Collectrium', gallery owner Marina Irwin Hadley with 'Complicated'. The AAF runs until Sunday, so if you are in New York, take your chance!

Affordable Art Fair NYC

MZ Urban Art - Chelsea 27

OPENING Solo exhibition at Galerie De Kei.

March 16 - 2015

I was really overwhelmed by the big crowd showing up at the opening of my solo show at Galerie De Kei, in Nuenen, The Netherlands.

I've been working very hard to create new paintings for this show, and it was worth all the energy! Thanks everyone for your great reactions, the purchases and support! And thank you Winny Muller (owner of Galerie De Kei) for the great cooperation, since 9 years already!!!

Galerie De Kei

My art in Germany.

February 23 - 2015

I am very proud to announce that from now on my art is represented by Metropolitan Gallery & Gregs Gallery in Hamburg HafenCity and Timmendorfer Strand - Germany.

Metropolitan Gallery & Greg's Gallery in Hamburg HafenCity recently opened its doors, with a grand opening show of the breathtaking art of Lita Cabellut. The galleries are situated next to eachother in the heart of Hamburgs thriving HafenCity. Although it might feel like entering a museum, of course entrance is free and you are warmly welcomed by Greg and his wonderful team. No pressure to buy, feel free to enter and enjoy the awesome collection of art! In the gallery in Timmerdorfer Strand (situated at the East Sea or Baltic Sea) you can find a diversity of great art as well, and the philosophy is the same as in Hamburg.

Metropolitan Gallery - Am Sandtorpark 2 - 20457 Hamburg - Germany. Greg's Gallery - Bergstrasse 79 - 23669 Timmendorfer Strand - Germany.

New series.

January 17 - 2015

I am working very hard on a new series of paintings.

I can't show any new results right now, because I am saving them for the upcoming solo exhibition at Galerie De Kei in Nuenen, The Netherlands which will take place from March 8 until April 13. However, a few very detailed close-ups won't do any harm. Furthermore I am very busy with several paintings on commission. So no time to lose! :)

New Year, New Beginnings.

January 1 - 2015

A very healthy, good, successful and filled-with-lots-of-laughter 2015!!!! I am very pleased to announce that both auctions for a good cause were successful! The Art-print which was auctioned for 3FM Serious Request raised €775,00, which really is much more than I could have imagined! The portret on commission for Linda.Foundation made €1700. Not as much as the usual price, but nevertheless a lot of money. I am really happy to have been able to help other people this way. Thanks to the people who made the biddings and thank-you-so-much to the people who made the highest bids.

Raising money for a good cause.

December 19 - 2014

2014 has been a great year to me. That's why I want to give something back to the world. I offered an Art Print for auction to 3FM. They raise money for girls and women who have been sexually abused all over the world. You can still bid on it for 2 more days!

And you can bid on a portret of you (your loved one or an idol) made by me on LINDA.Foundation, which support poor children in The Netherlands.

My art at EXCELLENT Fair, Ahoy Rotterdam.

December 12 - 2014

From Friday December 12, until Monday December 15 my art is represented by Galerie De Kei on the ART SQUARE of Excellent Fair, Rotterdam.

A large number of high quality galleries represents their art on this luxurious lifestyle fair of more than 20.000m2 in Ahoy Rotterdam. For more info check HERE



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Esther Barend

- Studio address: 'Wonderburo' - Frankrijklei 73 (3rd floor - 313) - 2000 - Antwerp - Belgium.

(appointment only/alleen op afspraak)

- Postal address: Artsen Zonder Grenzenstraat 4 - box 111 - 2018 - Antwerp - Belgium.

- Tel: +32 491 59 89 74 - E-mail:

Newsletter / Nieuwsbrief:

Just send a message with the word 'newsletter' below / Stuur beneden een bericht met het woord 'nieuwsbrief'.

My art can be seen and bought at the art galleries below. Please send a message for all questions below.


METROPOLITAN GALLERY HAMBURG - Am Sandtorpark 2 - Hamburg HafenCity - Germany - Tel: +49 40 300 87 410 - Gregor Bröcker - Melina Nasse Mayer.

GALLERY MODERN ART - Bergstrasse 79 - Timmendorfer Strand - Tel: +49 4503 8887893 - Gregor Bröcker / Maria Kosog.

CADMAN CONCEPT STORE - Dreischeibenhaus 1 - 40211 Düsseldorf (navigation: August Thyssen Strasse 1 / Car Park Schauspielhaus) - Tel: +49 211 86 32 50 90.


GALLERY 238 - Brouwersgracht 238 - 1013 HE - Amsterdam - Netherlands - Tel: +31 6 143 55 222 - Paul Lohmann.

GALERIE DE KEI - Opwettenseweg 74 - 5672 AJ - Nuenen - Netherlands - Tel: +31 40 28 41583 - +31 6 13 07 68 01 - Winny Muller.


GALERIE 713 - Zeedijk 713 - 8300 - Knokke - Belgium - Tel: +32 486 38 15 90 - Serge Bonhomme.

BREND & WOODS Art Gallery - (July 2015) - Artsen Zonder Grenzenstraat 4 - Antwerp - Belgium.


ARTCLUB GALLERY PARIS - 172, Rue de Rivoli 75001 - Tel: +33 1 47 03 42 20 - Olivier Dyan.

Galerie MC GRULIER - Le Patio de la Croisette 1850, 73120 Courchevel (Rhone-Alpes) - Tel: +33 4 79 01 16 96 - Johanna Mettoudi.


MZ URBAN-ART - CHELSEA 27 617 West 27th Street - New York - USA - NY 10001 - Tel: +1 516 655 1000 - Marina Irwin Hadley.

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