My work at Gallery 238 Amsterdam.

Published on 24 November 2014 at 17:23

Following to the release of the 9th album 'Anouk - Paradise And Back Again' (I painted the cover), upward of November 22 a selection of my paintings will be exhibited and for sale atGallery 238, Brouwersgracht 238, 1013 HE in Amsterdam

Gallery 238 focuses on modern Western and Chinese Arts. Top art. Especially original works (in this time of copy-page, copy page, copy-page .....). Many of the artists Gallery 238 represents, are artists they have been cooperating with since a long time: Lita Cabellut, Zhuang Hong Yi, Cole Morgan, Kantcho Kanev, Gerriet Postma, Susan Schildkamp, Toyin Loye, Ivo Nijs and Lu Luo, but also younger (Chinese) artists are brought by Gallery 238. In addition, the gallery also features different (original) work by Cobra artists such as Karel Appel, Corneille, Constant, Eugene Brands and Allechinsky. Also the gallery can rely on the collaboration of several (inter)national topgalleries.

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