Payment & Delivery Information

General shipping information:

Thank you for ordering. We pack & ship all paintings in a very secure way.
The prices of art on this website (or third party site) are subject to the addition of any relevant duty and tax on exporting from Spain/importing, to your country.

When countries are not available for shipping, please contact us and we will provide a shipping price.

Important information about foreign shipping:

Tolls, taxes, and other fees not indicated in the total price may apply to international shipments.

So possible import costs of the customers customs are always for the customer.

Shipping prices:

For shipping we devided the world into the known continents to set a price. We made an average packing/shipping price for all countries within it's continent.

Some countries are above the average price, some below. Otherwise it is almost impossible to set prices for online payment systems. If you think your shipping price is way off, please contact us and we will check if it needs adjustment. Thank you for your understanding.


Payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Payment in Advance Please pay the amount on account below:
    Esther Barend
    Avenida de la Libertad s/n (without number)

    30009 Murcia - Murcia

    Iban: ES06 1491 0001 2330 0012 3666
    (the art will be shipped when payment is received)