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Published on 7 April 2019 at 15:26

Yes you are right! It’s time to get back to writing in my blog every now and then. Besides painting (a lot!), I’ve been very busy in the past 2 years with settling in my new homeland Spain,........

renovation and interior design of the old house, and the new company of a few young stray cats, which are a lot less stray now and are friends with my old dog (who’s always been a notorious cat hunter 😂).


Currently there’s a solo show of portraits and abstracts running uit Kunsthuys Gallery in Best - Netherlands. If you are in the neighborhood, go check it out! The show runs until April 19. But they always have my work on display, so go check it out. 



My next solo show this year will be at Artclub Gallery in Paris again. I am working on new large, colourful and black paintings, new colour combinations, many layers, lots of paint... etc... and a few commissions. The show will start in October. Don’t know the exact date yet.

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