Worldwide Shipping

Published on 8 August 2019 at 16:12

A painting from my abstract series, carefully packed and ready for take off to a client in Mexico. Nowadays shipping is so easy and very well done, that my paintings rapidly find there way, all around the world.

10 years ago it was so much more expensive and more difficult to send paintings to another continent. I remember the first time I had a solo show in New York, and I had to ship my paintings to the other side of the pond in 2008, and I was really scared that they would never arrive safe and sound. Nowadays it's much more common to ship, and also much easier, quicker and correctly done. I also have a fantastic packaging service, in order to make sure the paintings are carefully protected within the multiple layered cardboard boxes and arrive in perfect condition at their new owners.

All galleries I work with ship worldwide too. Check their websites for my available work.

From now on you can find a new menu item on the website: 'available work' .

Don't hesitate to contact me for commissions or more/other information.

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