I am incredibly grateful for yet another successful year

Published on 31 December 2019 at 11:53

Being able to do this, paint, create... and that there actually are people who like what I create and even buy it! This makes me feel so grateful and humble at the same time!

A huge thank you to the galleries I work with! This year especially to Artclub Gallery in Paris - France for presenting my art during a 6 weeks running solo show on their stunning location right opposite the Louvre, and the many sales that followed. This was the 3rd solo with them, and again very successful! I can only hope that we can continue this way!! Thank you Olivier, Eric and Muriel!!!

Unfortunately I also have lost a fantastic cooperation: KUNSTHUYS gallery in Best the Netherlands closed their doors.

We’ve been working together since 2006 (when they were still Galerie De Kei). I am very grateful for their believe in my art (as one of the first galleries) and besides that it turned out to be a huge success (even during the crisis) and the large amount of my paintings they’ve sold through the years, we had a wonderful mutual understanding, which is rare in these times. Thank you Winny, from the bottom of my heart!
Of course THANK YOU to the other galleries I work with, clients and the people who’ve been recommending me!

Thank you ♥️ followers, fans, buyers for your support, comments, etc... It gives me the wings to keep on flying!

There are new challenges waiting for me in 2020, and I’m looking forward to realize all of my goals.

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